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"I am resolute in my support for the fight against Modern Slavery. A portion of the profits from my workshops are donated to assist causes that help break the cycle of human trafficking and exploitation."

Have more clarity

Make better decisions that will protect your organisation and forward your career.

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Feel more confident

Have peace of mind that you are doing the right things.

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Reduce your risk

Receive knowledge and proven strategies that work and will keep you out of trouble.

Financial crime is a $2.1 trillion global problem harming millions of victims, including the most vulnerable members of society. You should be concerned and taking it seriously.

Your job is hard enough without the added responsibility of managing financial crime.

You deserve a higher level of confidence and clarity in terms of your knowledge and understanding of how to execute your obligations in relation to financial crime.

These 3 unanswered questions are putting you and your organisation at risk:

1.What does an effective anti-financial crime program look like for my organisation? If you don’t know this then you could be creating more harm, more regulatory risk, and more compliance cost for your organisation.

2.How do I measure and monitor my effectiveness and my organisation’s effectiveness in fighting financial crime? If you don’t objectively measure and monitor your activities and outcomes you will get off-track and lose your effectiveness.

3.Who can help me be effective? Who has the capability and global perspective that my organisation and I lack? Finding the right Who creates results. Focusing on What and How without the right Who creates problems.

You Don't Need A Cape To Fight Financial Crime!

What you need are world best practice strategies as implemented around the globe.

I understand what it's like - I have been fighting financial crime for over 20 years. I have worked with some of the world’s best Financial Crime Risk and Compliance teams and have advised CEOs, Chief Risk Officers and Chief Compliance Officers all over the world.

"I've walked your path and I have experienced the same things you are experiencing right now. I am committed to helping you mitigate financial crime and the impact money laundering has on the world."

Global Experience and Credentials

Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS)

Author of Financial Crime Fighter - Book of Mentors

Managing Director, APAC Executive, Global Financial Crimes Compliance

Director - Asia Regional Head of Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Institutional Client Group /Asia Head of Sanctions and Anti-Bribery & Corruption

Director - AML/CTF Compliance/Asia Regional Head of AML Surveillance

Vice President, Asia Regional Head for Monitoring & Surveillance/Deputy Regional Head AML Compliance

Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

Host of The Financial Crimes podcast

These 3 actions will secure your organisation and your career:

Master the fundamentals of Financial Crime

Because decisions based on a full and accurate understanding of financial crime risk and anti-financial crime programs will be better than those based on lack of knowledge.

Develop into an effective Financial Crime Fighter

Because knowledge and understanding only become useful when we take action and adjust our behavior accordingly.

Measure and fine-tune your approach to anti-financial crime constantly

Because no program is perfect and no system can prepare us for all risks. But constant monitoring of our program’s effectiveness helps spot problems early and prevent significant issues down the track.

There are serious consequences of getting this wrong... So it's important to get it right!

It’s time to make your job a little easier and get the answers you need.


Jun has a practical and methodical approach to financial crimes risk management and was a trusted advisor in the two largest US banks where I worked with him. He inspires his team to greater heights and his integrity is beyond reproach. Jun's leadership continues to be missed.

Michael Ong

Former Senior Vice President and Regional Head of Governance at Citi

I had the privilege of knowing Jun for some time, we first met whilst he was the APAC head of financial crimes compliance at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. To every interaction, he brings great energy, humanity, innovation and second to none subject matter expertise. He is a compassionate leader and if you are looking for someone to help your organisation move onto the next level in any number of situations he is going to be the right person for the job.

Jason Holt

Former Managing Director and International Head of Global Financial Crimes Compliance at Bank of America

I have had the pleasure of working with Jun since 2007. Jun has many amazing qualities that I admire that the one that stands out is his passion, dedication and his focus on the "people" in his life and specifically the people who work for him and with him. He spends just as much of his time on "people" as he spends on the technical compliance aspects of his job. This says a lot about Jun and makes him someone who is focused and dedicated to the betterment of himself and others. He has extensive experience and is an amazing role model and someone we can all learn from.

Rod Francis

Senior Managing Director, Practice Leader, Financial Crime Compliance.

3 Steps to Effectiveness

Schedule Call.

Let’s talk and determine your needs. A tailored solution is developed for your institution.

Customised workshop:

Customised workshop: We work on real problems you are experiencing and make something that seems complex, understandable and resolvable.

Become the new benchmark:

By setting a high standard, you reduce your own and the organisation's risk. Let's set it high.

The Financial Crimes


Equip your team with the knowledge and tools to manage financial crime risk.

Develop Financial Crime Fighters in the 3 Lines of Defence.

Experience measurable improvement in your understanding of financial crime risk and your ability to monitor your organisation's anti-financial crime program effectiveness.

You will execute on the four outcomes...

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.


It's not just your job and career that is at stake

Understand the true importance of your role and be a force for good in the world.

Fighting Financial Crime Isn't Just A Job To Us, It's a Mission

Jun also hosts The Financial Crimes Podcast. This podcast is for those on the forefront of fighting Financial Crimes. A place for you to learn, share stories and improve as Financial Crime Fighters.

In Jun's new book "Financial Crime Fighter: Book of Mentors" he interviews some of the world's top financial crime fighters. This book is a portal into the minds of some of the most knowledgeable mentors in financial crime-fighting today, answering important questions to help you become a more effective financial crime fighter and more successful in your career.

Become the New Benchmark in Fighting Financial Crime


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